Full Body Tourettes [Pt I]


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released June 11, 2010

Produced by Paul Jonassen

Vocals/Guitar - Paul
Bass - Hayden



all rights reserved


NIGHT GAUNTS Auckland, New Zealand

Night Gaunts hail from Auckland, New Zealand and bring you a brand of high energy, sing-a-long ska, reggae, punky, hip-hop that will imbed itself into your brain from the moment it hits your ears.

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Track Name: Shivers
You’re sending shivers on down my spine
And there’s nothing that we can say
To calm you down tonight
Caught in a whirlpool
Spinning round in circles
You’ve gotta be quick throw on a life jacket
I’m gonna be sick before I ever..

Yo, scrap me up from off the road
My feet are numb from the wicked cold
Ain’t never gonna stay out of the sun
Squinting through eyes like sandpaper runs
Up and down all over them
Scratched the surface to within
An inch of my skull a colossal hole
Water runs through without control

I can see your pain
But, I can see your pain

I’ve never been to jail nor think I will
Cause I’ve never really had a strong urge to kill
Sure I’d pop a pill though I haven’t yet
The experience awaits for the sun set
You see I’m colour blind I failed every test
You can cross the three time and I did ten
Sunglasses enable me to see the reds in the world
As bright as can be..

Ohhhh yessss ladies and gentlemen
and welcome to THKs Karaoke night
We have all the songs you love to hate
Through to the ones you can relate too
I hope your not confused as we’re about to cruise...

Venetian animals look down on me
as the light refracts so gloriously
On to my wall like an artist said
Wet paint never looked so intense
Penguins leads the charge up front
Whilst the octopus gather and hunt
Spotted green frogs climb into a tree
Looking for a safe place to fleaaa
A pond opens up and swallows them whole
Into my dirty cornflakes bowl
Bottle cap scorpion throws out his tail
As the motorbike lunges in to save ‘em
Whiskey bottles laugh on and on
Peering over the edge from behind
The sprawl of batteries and safety pins
a bobble head gentle shakes his head and sings..
Track Name: Vicious Viles
My mouth is numb and there’s a taste of metal
From the tin foil ball that stings and rattles
A sharp bright shock to the tip my tongue
My jaw swells up from where I’ve been stung

Wasps fly out of their eyes like fire
Black and yellow darts surround my entire
Face covering my hair and skull
Blinded with pain I forfeit control

Burn em’ alive!
Burn em’ alive!