The Majority Of People Are Decoys


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"The Majority Of People Are Decoys" was originally written by The Stupid Stupid Henchmen. Check out their website for FREE music!


I cued up the tape to the song
that reminds me of the time you and I
drove to boston and back in a day
and it felt like nothing at all till we were an hour away
when I exceeded the state speed limit
In your polka dot car
Weren’t too far from home so I kicked up a mixtape
and dancing along while you slept through the whole car ride
and the whole album through the night

I try to forget sometimes who I really am so I act like a being from a different planet or laze my eyes and drop my chin like a zombie from the day of the dead

It might have been something that you said
or it might have been the tune of the Pinback song repeating in my mind
that made me realise it’s easy to be myself when you’re by my side

It’s easy to be myself when you’re by my side

Don’t get caught off guard cuz I don’t feel like
I’m the same as I was and the words that I say might not be what you wanted to hear like torturing your ears when I grow out my nails and claw the chalk board
I’d put Jessica Alba on hold just to piss off the few that I have my problems with and I’d never resent showing my bitter side in the letters I sent

And on the hot days in the summer time
I wanna blacken out the sunshine and show my evil side
when we take a ride
In your old Pontiac Bonneville (Bonneville) where the feeling is chill
and it seemed like time stood still
and I wanna hold onto the moment with a song to remember
to make up a mixed CD

Yeah I still act like a kid cuz I hate growing up
And I know when I’m grown I’ll still be a minor at heart
Cuz I hate dealing with people that annoy me
For the record
The majority of humans that walk this earth are a decoy of some sort
like the gift from the Greeks
the Trojan horse of Troy
I’ll give anyone a try if they’d see both sides
And that’s the matter with most people
They don’t wanna consider a different point of view
And that’s what attracts me to you
Even though you’re not that rude

You’ve got this thing that’s hard to explain
The kind of style I’d like to think I’d like to relate to
They say man only hears what he wants to hear
and disregards the rest
but i want to hear more off your chest
Cuz it’s easy to be myself when you’re by my side


released September 2, 2013
Produced at “The Plex” in Albany, New Zealand
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Paul Jonassen



all rights reserved


NIGHT GAUNTS Auckland, New Zealand

Night Gaunts hail from Auckland, New Zealand and bring you a brand of high energy, sing-a-long ska, reggae, punky, hip-hop that will imbed itself into your brain from the moment it hits your ears.

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